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Creative Start

From over 45 years of arts education experience, we have seen how early exposure to process-focused, inquiry-driven art exploration stimulates children’s innate creativity and allows them to make connections as they engage with the world around them.

Studies have confirmed the power of art making and creative expression as positive life-affirming experiences that contribute to the social and emotional development of young learners. We believe that this approach to education builds community and contributes to satisfaction in teaching and learning. Creative Start, a discovery-based visual arts program for young learners, provides customized early learning opportunities for children ages two through seven, professional learning for educators, and art-making experiences for families.

Through collaborative partnerships with schools and community-based organizations, such as daycare centers and Head Start, Creative Start can be implemented in a series of in-class sessions over the course of the school year. Choose from units of open-ended exploration that include painting, collage, wood sculpture, clay, puppetry, and printmaking.

About Creative Start:

  • Customized programs for young children, ages 2–7 years
  • 30–45-minute sessions (depending on the children’s age) taught by a professional Studio Institute Artist Instructor
  • 20 sessions held over the course of the school year
  • Sessions take place in classrooms (limit of 20 students per classroom)
  • Includes Professional Learning workshops for teachers and Family Engagement workshops for school community

Studio Institute offers Creative Start in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Cleveland, Ohio. To learn more about bringing our Early Childhood program to your school or community, contact Jamie Mayer:

In-School Residency Programs

Studio Institute In-School Residency Programs are an excellent way to bring a robust visual arts program into Pre-K through 8th grade environments. Studio artists work collaboratively with teachers to make meaningful curriculum connections that support students’ creative and intellectual growth. We also work with school leaders to create sustainable programming that will allow for deeper engagement and skill development in art throughout the academic year.

About In-School Residency Programs:

  • Customized programs for students, grades Pre-K through 8
  • 45-minute sessions taught by a professional Studio Institute Artist Instructor
  • A minimum of 12 sessions held over the course of the school year
  • Sessions take place in classrooms (limit of 30 students per classroom)
  • Options include Professional Learning workshops for teachers and/or Family Engagement workshops for school community.

Studio Institute currently provides In-School Residency Programs in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. To learn more about bringing an artist residency or long-term program to your school, contact Jamie Mayer:

Professional Learning

Studio Institute programs begin with collaborative planning with school and community partners, during which artists are introduced to the site’s needs. Working closely with your leaders, we will implement a customized program that complements other Studio programming or provides standalone arts-focused professional learning for your instructional team.

Studio Institute Professional Learning workshops provide teachers with opportunities to:

  • Discover the joys of the creative process
  • Support the development of young learners in making connections between play, curriculum, and creative discoveries in art making
  • Understand how visual arts instruction can help promote accessibility and support inclusive learning environments
  • Bring the language, curriculum concepts, and techniques of visual arts into their classrooms.

Studio Institute currently provides Professional Learning workshops to educators in Cleveland, Connecticut, and New Jersey. To learn how we can support educators in your school or community, contact Jamie Mayer:

Family Engagement

Studio Institute Family Engagement events feature collective art-making experience with families and children, and can be offered at schools, in after-school programs, and community settings such as libraries, Early Childhood centers, and virtually.

Studio Institute Family Engagement workshops provide parents and caregivers with opportunities to:

  • Experience the joys of the creative process with their children
  • Look at works of art and experiment with materials
  • Participate in successful arts explorations in painting, clay, paper sculpture, puppetry—and more
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of how art making supports children’s development at all ages
  • Leave with art materials to continue artmaking at home.

To learn more, contact Jamie Mayer: