Professional Learning

The Studio Institute has the experience and capacity to run large-scale, standards-based, professional learning programs for school districts and organizations. The Institute also conducts professional development programs that inspire classrooms teachers to use art materials and techniques in new ways, encouraging them to extend art learning into their classes. Visual arts learning is key not only to the development of students’ imagination, expression, and observational skills, but to their cognitive and developmental skills as well. Sessions may involve one artist mentoring a small group of teachers, or several artists conducting large, full-day workshops that focus on topics such as linking art to literacy. Sessions may be standalone or ongoing.

We are committed to sharing these workshops and strategies with your city or community.

Collaborative Planning

Our team is accountable to our partners. The key to any Studio Institute program is a mutual commitment between Studio and each partner to work together. All programs begin with collaborative planning, in which artists are introduced to the site’s needs. Time is scheduled for artists and teachers to discuss class interests, academic curriculum, and possible art processes in developing appropriate lessons. 

Working closely with your district’s school leaders and arts advocates, we will plan and implement a program that addresses your community’s needs and targets your specific goals, in order to best serve your district’s students. This collaboration is key to the success of any art program.


Studio Institute looks carefully at its programs and at the experiences of all participants, adapting programs as necessary. Studio uses outside experts, as well as staff, to implement program assessments, ensuring that its goals are being met and that students demonstrate learning. Most importantly, Studio listens to what children say about their experiences.

Please contact us if you would like to join us in building programs and curricula that recognize the visual arts as an essential part of learning and life.