Art History Research Fellowship

Developed by Karen Rosner, Director of Visual Arts, Office of Arts and Special Projects, NYC Department of Education, the Art History Fellows Research project engages public high school students in inquiry-based research that grows out of their genuine curiosity about an artist, an artwork, an art movement, or a socio-political issue around art. Students are guided by their art teachers throughout the process that includes research, writing, and documentation.

The Art History Research Fellowship is a scholarship program for graduating seniors that encourages students to write an original art history research paper. This advanced-level work connects students’ perspectives and interest in the arts.

The broad range of research topics reflects the beautiful diversity of cultures, attitudes, and ideas of these talented young women and men. Read excerpts from their research papers here.

Studio Institute’s Arts Intern program—now in its 23rd year—is delighted to sponsor the Art History Research Fellowship Program to support high school students who are interested in pursuing arts careers. Arts Intern provides college students with financial need who are interested in the art and museum field with early-career opportunities through paid internships in cultural institutions. Learn more about Arts Intern.