The Studio Institute College Scholarship Program is designed to help young people further their studies in college art programs.

Studio offers a limited number of single and four-year undergraduate scholarships to students who are accepted in BFA programs for the academic year. Awards are based on merit and financial need and intended to make college more affordable. High school seniors who have participated in two or more of Studio Institute’s out-of-school programs are eligible to apply.

to Studio Institute College Scholarship Program Awardees for 2022–23

Angela Lobel, Lindsey Ruiz, Rhesa Paul, Natalie Martinez, Eva Kolesknick,
Norberto Perez, Liz Almonte, Vashtie Persaud, and Jamie Wei.

Check back for more information about the 2023 Scholarship program.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Studio Institute is proud to sponsor the Art History Research Fellowship, a scholarship program offered by the New York City Department of Education to support high school students interested in pursuing arts careers. Learn more.