Look, Create, Share

Studio Institute works with a national team of professional artists to bring visual arts lessons to students in several different cities. With school closings and social distancing in effect across the country, our artists are bringing these lessons to your home! Here, you’ll learn how to practice the basic skills that artists use everyday.

Look at the videos below and create art that you can share with your family and with us! Be sure to check back every week for more lessons.


Line Explorers

How many different kinds of lines can we see around our homes? Can we draw these lines?



Torn Paper Collage

What kind of shapes can we make out of paper? How can we use our hands as tools?



Expressive Self-Portraits 

What will we notice if we look closely at our own faces? What lines and shapes can we use to draw ourselves?



Watercolor Resist

How can we combine different art materials to make interesting work? How can we explore lines and color?