About Studio Institute

Since 1977, The Studio in a School Association has provided artist-taught visual arts programs in New York City, making a significant difference in the lives of more than one million NYC students. Based upon the success of Studio’s in-school programs and partnerships with communities and cultural organizations, The Studio in a School Association formed the Studio Institute in 2016. The Institute shares tested innovations, visual arts curricula, classroom program models, professional development models, arts internships, research grants, and assessment methods with arts and educational communities nationwide.

The Studio Institute is currently working with partners in Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, and Providence. We are very excited about building upon our 40 years of experience forging strong partnerships and making quality, accessible, visual arts education programs available to all.

We believe art counts. Our track record of curricula, program models, and outcomes, combined with an exclusive focus on visual arts, is unique.

Studio Institute programs:

  • hire professional artists to teach.
  • are based on partnerships with teachers, students, administrators, and caregivers.
  • provide highly comprehensive visual arts experiences.
  • reach children and students from pre-K through college.