Studio Institute

Visual arts programs for all ages: internships for teens and college students, professional development for educators, residencies for artists, opportunities for community engagement, and partnerships with schools outside NYC.

Make Art at Home: Look, Create, Share

Our national team of artists is bringing art lessons to your home! Learn how to practice the basic skills that artists use everyday.

Bring Studio to your community.

We work with school districts and arts advocates to design visual arts sessions that target your community’s identified goals.

Experience meaningful work in the arts.

Arts Intern, a paid college internship, supports engaging, career-building positions at cultural organizations in NYC, Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Providence.

Enrich curricula with art and technology.

Expanding The Frame's arts-integrated units are improving student achievement in Art, Math, and English Language Arts. Download our free resources!

Gain valuable skills for art and life.

In our Teen Apprenticeship Program, high school students learn the fundamentals of art and prepare for paid summer jobs teaching art to young children.

Prepare for art schools and careers.

After-school and weekend workshops help high school students prepare and diversify their portfolios, as well as develop their college applications.

How can we work with you?

The Studio Institute can help you build programs and curricula that recognize the visual arts as an essential part of learning and life.

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